The whys & what to expect of competing (Part 1)

It’s been a while since my last blog so I thought, as we appear to have had a load of new views recently, I’d rehash an earlier post about shooting in competitions. I’ll try and give you an idea of why we do it (and why you should too) and what to expect at various competitions in the North East and Yorkshire. So let’s look at the whys first and the what to expect will follow in a later post.

1. Its fun (and not scary).

A lot of archers who I’ve spoke to who don’t go to competition days don’t do so because they’re worried about it being intimidating. It’s really not, it’s just like shooting at your club but with a few (in some cases quite a few) more rules and more people.

If you go to competitions with the idea that you’re going to win every one then you are likely to be disappointed as there are some really good archers out there, if you go having set yourself a reasonable, achievable goal such as increasing your PB and your handicap or not missing at a certain distance, etc then you are likely to enjoy it more.

Lou and I have been going to competitions for about 2 years now, I rarely even get into the top 3 and Lou tends to place second or third, however, I really believe that the competitions have made me a better archer (I always used to come last now I’m usually around the middle and my PBs are increasing) because I’ve challenged myself and set achievable goals that I can measure by going to competitions. But more than that we’ve had fun and met some great friends and kept our passion for the sport, I think if we hadn’t competed we’d have got bored of just shooting at the club and quit.

Even in terrible weather it can be fun, I’ve had a few occasions when I’ve been stood in the peeing rain being buffeted by the wind where me and my fellow archers are having a right laugh! So give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen? IMG_4873


 People having fun at archery competitions!

2. BLING Shooting at competitions can win you bling (well badges) which you can display on your quiver/hat or wherever you like.

DSCN0810 (2) July with an impressive selection of bling on show!

Archery GB Rose Awards are obtained by shooting certain scores in York (Gents) & Hereford (Ladies) rounds in a Record status/Rose status event. The square badges are for recurve archers and round for compound. the score levels required are White-800, Black-900, Blue-1000, Red-1100, Gold-1200 and Purple-1250.

Rose800 Rose900 Rose1000 Rose1100 Rose1200 Rose1250

From 2006 a Shield shaped award was introduced for Longbow archers, the colours are the same as recurve and compound but the score levels required are White-225, Black-300, Blue-375, Red-450, Gold-525 and Purple-600.

red shield

World Archery Stars are obtained by shooting the appropriate score in a WA 1440 round in a World Record Status tournament. Awards are given to anyone shooting the appropriate full WA round for their gender. The scores required are: White 1000, black 1100, blue 1200, red 1300, gold 1350, purple 1400. fitastars FITA Star Compound WA Target Award and WA Cadet Target Awards are are awarded for reaching the appropriate score with a recurve or compound bow at tournaments with World Record/WA Award Status. fitastars3 (1) See the table here for details and the scores required.

English Archery Federation crosses are also available, these badges can be claimed for obtaining the appropriate scores at any record status WA 1440 shoot in England. eafcrossessmall See tables here for more details and the scores required.

Finally, there are the six gold end badges. This badge is (obviously) awarded for six consecutive arrows shot using a recurve or compound bow at one end into the gold zone at either of the 2 furthest distances appropriate to your gender (eg 100 yards and 80 yards or 90 metres and 70 metres for gents) during a competition or at an associated club Target Day, under Archery GB Rules of Shooting. It is not claimable on sighters but it is not necessary for the full round to be completed to claim the badge. There is a Three Gold End Badge available for the Longbow and is achieved with a minimum of  three gold ends under six gold end regulations. 6-gold-end 3. Get a national ranking and compare yourself to an Olympian!

Archery GB publish their national target rankings each year, it’s your chance to compare your scores with other archers (including Team GB archers). In order to record achieve a ranking score you must complete various record status shoots: Compound Archers must complete the following three elements:

  • Two ladies/gents WA 1440 rounds appropriate to gender, with World Record status (WRS) or with UK Record Status (UKRS).
  • Three WA 720 rounds with WRS or UKRS. These can include qualification rounds shot leading to Compound Match rounds.
  • One Compound Match round with a WRS or UKRS.

A compound match round is shot head to head over 5 rounds (3 arrows a round) with the winner being the archer with the highest cumulative score. Recurve, Longbow and Barebow archers must complete the following three elements:

  • Two ladies/gents WA 1440 rounds appropriate to gender, with World Record status (WRS) or with UK Record Status (UKRS).
  • Three WA 720 rounds with WRS or UKRS. These can include 70m qualification rounds leading to WA Olympic rounds.
  • One Olympic round associated with a WRS or UKRS Ladies/Gents WA or a WRS or UKRS FITA 720 qualification round.

An Olympic round is a head to head round at 70m (3 arrows per round) the highest scoring archer earns 2 points, the lowest scorer no points a tie will give each archer 1 point. The winner is the first archer to score 6 points, if both archers score 5 points there will be a one arrow shoot off with the winner being the archer who shoots nearest the gold. Time Limits. All elements must be completed during the period 1st January to 30th September inclusive.

4. Meet new people.

Archery competitions (especially record status ones) attract archers from all over the country, you could be sharing a target with an Olympian, a UK record holder or another complete novice, the similarity is they’re all just trying to achieve their personal goals for the tournament, just like you. The other similarity is they all love archery and are, generally, nice people to spend time with. IMG_4713 DSCN0793 (2)Thirsk 2


5. You get to see what other archery clubs are like and shoot in some gorgeous places!

DSCN0732 (2)



IMG_4447 (2)


6. There’s always a raffle!
Who doesn’t love a raffle, the tension, the expectation, the dizzying array of prizes, you can’t beat it and every competition has one.

That’s about it really, there’s loads of other good reasons to shoot at competitions, but I think they’re these are the main ones.The most important one to remember is that it’s fun, it really is. Try it once just to see what you think, you might well have so much fun you’ll keep doing it and doing it.

Next time I’ll try and give you a taste of what to expect at competitions in general and at some of the ones we’ve shot at in more detail. Hope to see you on the shooting line, I’ll be the fat bloke trying ( and failing) to get his last arrow through his clicker!!

Thanks to Tony Reith for most of the photos and thanks (and apologies if necessary) to the archers in them.


Upcoming tournaments in the Nort East, Yorkshire & Cumbria March – June

So the indoor season is coming to a close and we’ll soon be back outdoors (yay) so I thought I’d complete a list of upcoming tournaments. I’ll include as much detail as is available (DNAA are a bit slower than YAA & CCAA with entry forms and details) as well as links to entry forms (just click on the words “entry form.”)


1st – Barnsley Archery Club early bird Western. To be held at Barnsley RUFC, Barnsley. Western rounds, sighters 11am. Entry form. 8th – DNAA Indoor championships, To be hosted by Killingworth Archers at Churchill College, Wallsend. Portsmouth rounds,  sighters 09.30 and 13.00. Entry form.

14th – Archers of Bridlington & Burton Agnes 4th ABBA Dabba Do Longbow Shoot. Burton Agnes Sports field, Driffield. One way Western round for longbow archers, shot to BLBS rules. Bacon butties available on arrival and sherry served after two dozen arrows. An Agincourt volley will be shot. 11 am start. Entry form

15th – DNAA Novice Championships. To be hosted by Whitburn Archers. Hedworthfield Community Assoc, Jarrow. Portsmouth Rounds. Sighters 10 am. Entry Form.

15th – CCAA Open Frostbite, Falcon Field, Egromont. 8 Doz arrows at 30 metres 80 cm face. Sighters 1.00 pm, Entry form.

22nd – Albert Crouch Memorial Worcester. To be hosted by Green Lane Archers. Worcester rounds, Sighters 9.45 am and 1.15 pm. Entry form.

28th White Rose Archers Crazy National. Salem Field C;ub Ground, Foster Lane, Hebden Bridge. Longbow only. National rounds. Start 10.30 am. Entry form.


4th – Panda Bowmen Pandamonium 25th Longbow Tournament. West Park RUFC Leeds. Longbow only, a Western round with an Agincourt volley to finish the day.Assembly 11.30 am.  Entry form.

6th – Backworth Easter Monday Shoot. Backworth Hall, Backworth. An American round in the morning with an “Easter egg” round in the afternoon. Sighters 10 am. Entry form.

12th – Phoenix Bowmen Floodlit Pie & Peas National. Ovenden Park, Halifax. Floodlit National round. Sighters 5.30pm. Entry price includes steak pie & peas. Entry form.

19th – Durham City Open WA 720 and Head to head. East Durham College, Durham. UK record status WA 720 70m (recurve) & WA 720 50m (Compund) followed by Olympic round. Sighters 10 am. *Event full*

19th – YAA Senior & Junior Clout Championships. Hutton Cranswick sports field, Driffield. UK record status double one way clout. Sighters 11 am. Entry form.

19th – Abbeydale Archers Potato Shoot. De La Salle Association Club Ltd, Beauchief Drive, Sheffield. Western round with a jacket potato for lunch included in the entry price. Sighters 10 am. Entry form.

25th & 26th – Thirsk Bowmen FITA Weekend. Baldersby Park, Thirsk. World record status WA 720 70m (recurve) & WA 720 50m (Compund) followed by Olympic round. Assembly 09.00, sighters 09.15. *Event Full*

26th St. George Longbow Tournament. Adel War Memorial Association, Church Lane, Adel. Leeds.  The tournament will consist of two parts:  a two-way Western round for trophies and medals; the shoot-off for the award of the Royal Armouries Arrow. Assembly at 10.30am. First arrows 10.45am. Entry form.


2nd & 3rd – Kendal Bowmen field shoot. Hutton Park, Kendal. Saturday FITA 24 unmarked, Sunday FITA 24 marked. (record status granted). Practice targets available from 8.15 am. Equipment inspection from 9.00 am. Assembly : 10.30 am Saturday, 9.30 am Sunday Entry form.

2nd & 3rd – Walker Mauritania WA 720 & Head to Head. Benfield School, Benfield Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. World record status WA 720 and Olympic rounds. Registration 8.15am, assembly 9.00am. Entry form.

8th & 9th Cleadon WA 900 & open. The Butts, East Bolden. WA 900 round on the Saturday, York, Hereford and Bristol rounds shot in 3 and 3 arrow ends on the Sunday. Assembly 10.45, sighters 11.00 (Saturday), assembly 9.45 am,  sighters 10.00 am (Sunday).

9th – Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham Longbow Tournament. Phoenix Sports & Social Club, Brinsworth, Rotherham. Two way Western round. Assembly 11.00 am. Entry form.

16th – 307th Ancient Scorton Silver Arrow. Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham. Website for details of the competition: Entry form.

17th – Backworth Open. Backworth Hall, Backworth. York, Hereford & Bristol rounds to be shot in 3-arrow ends. No further details/entry form available at present.

17th – Danum Archers Outdoor Championships. Castle Park, Doncaster. Western round. Sighters 10.00 am. Entry form.

17th – Selby Archery Club 38th Annual Open Westerns Tournament. Selby RUFC, Selby. Record Status Western (recurve, longbow, barebow), Long Western (compound) and various shorter Westerns (juniors).  Sighters 11.00 am. Entry form. 

17th – Maryport Archery Club 1st Pairs shoot. Netherall Rugby Club, Maryport. Rounds; Bristol II (Seniors), Bristol III (Juniors). Sighters 10.00 am. Entry Form.

23rd & 24th – Archers of East Riding Double Clout Weekend. Hutton Cranswick Sports Field, Rotsea Lane, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield. Record Status and Tassel Award status clouts. GNAS double one way clout on Saturday. FITA double one way clout on Sunday. Sighters 11.00 am both days. Entry form.

23rd & 24th – CCAA County & Open Championships. Frenchfield Playing Fields, Frenchfield, Penrith. On Saturday world Record status WA Gents, WA Ladies, Metric I-V, on Sunday UK Record status York, Hereford & Bristol I-V rounds. Sighters 09.45 both days. Entry form.


6th NCAS Yorkshire Open WA 1440 & Metrics. Grange Park Sports Club, Wetherby. World Record status WA 1440 and metrics. Practice : (20 Minutes) 9-00 am Shooting : Approx. 9-20 am. Entry form.

7th – YAA Annual senior & junior championships & open meeting. Grange Park Sports Club, Wetherby. Record and Rose award status York, Hereford, Bristol rounds. Sighters 09.00. Entry form.

7th – Hartlepool Amalgamation Shoot. Seaton Carew Sports & Social Club, Seaton Carew. Western rounds. Entry form available on the Heugh Bowmen website,

13th & 14th – Morpeth Open.  The Gubeon, Tranwell, Morpeth. American and clout (clout for longbows only).  No further details/entry form available at present.

 13th & 14th South Yorkshire Open Double WA 1440 & Metrics. Hooton Lodge, Rotherham. World record status WA 1440 and Metrics. Assembly 08.45 Saturday and Sunday. Entry form.

13th & 14th – Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout. Frenchfields Playing Fields, Penrith. UK record status & Tassel status shoot. Saturday: Double one way GNAS plus double one way FITA clout plus metric rounds. Sunday:Double two way GNAS clout. Sighters 09.30 Saturday, 11.00 Sunday. Entry Form.

20th – DNAA Novice Championships at Walker. Benfield School, Benfield Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. No further details/entry form available at present.

21st – Killingworth Junior Metrics. Killingworth young people’s club, The Croft, Killingworth. Metric I – V rounds. No further details/entry form available at present.

27th & 28th Belsay Castle Longbow Shoot. Belsay Hall Castle & gardens, Belsay. Longbows only. Belsay castle rounds, novelty rounds & the shooting of the wand. No further details/entry form available at present.

27th & 28th – Heugh Bowmen WA 720 & Head to Heads. Seaton Carew Sports & Social Club, Seaton Carew. World record status WA 720 and Olympic rounds. Entry form available on the Heugh Bowmen website,

I’ll try to add details as I get them. Hope to see you at some of these competitions, as always come over and say hello (I’m the fat bloke from Norton who’ll probably be having a bad day).

Boost archery course

Archery GB are starting to roll out a new course called Boost Archery. According to Archery GB
“It is aimed at helping clubs organise and deliver a series of coaching sessions for improvers; that could be anyone from a new member to an archer who is frustrated at their progress.”
I know which category I sit in so when I was asked if I wanted to take part I grabbed the chance.
At Norton, the coaches (Dave and Nic) divided the course into four 2 hour sessions looking at technique, psychology, fitness and bow tuning.
So week 1 looked at the Lloyd Brown technique. For those of you thinking “who” he’s the GB coach and he’s devised a shooting technique and various drills for archers. We looked at the technique and then shot loads of arrows so we could be looked at by the coaches and given advice of what to change to boost our archery (oh, I get it now, boost archery). I found out that I was lifting my front shoulder and that my release was a bit crap (STILL) as well as other little things so I decided to try and concentrate on the 2 big things. After a few sessions my shoulder seems to be behaving (which has massively increased my draw length) but my release is still a bit crap (SO ANNOYING) but getting a bit better. My scores haven’t dropped too far so that’s good (usually I make changes and my scores go in the toilet).
Week 2 was an introduction to the drills; basically working with clini band to reprising the elements of the Lloyd Brown technique without having to use a bow. This was followed by a session on psychology (must improve my self talk) abs this was followed by more assessed shooting. I found this really useful and am doing a couple of the drills every day (honest coach).
Sadly I missed week 3 as I had to chauffer Lou to county squad training (and do a bit of shooting myself) but I’m told it was a really good session on exercise but to be fair I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to do in that field (I know it doesn’t look like it!).
The final week was all about tuning your bow and, happily mine was fairly well set up (which means that all the crap shots are my own fault, DAMNATION!).
So would I recommend the course? Yes I really would, it was well presented and well run and gave me some excellent advice that will, hopefully, make me a better archer. So if you get the chance to do it, go for it.

Happy new year

A quick post to wish all our readers a happy 2015.
2014 has been a year of ups and downs (Lou had most of the ups, me most of the downs) but things seem to be improving for both of us.
The blog still seems to be well recieved (no one is more surprised than me!) so we’ll keep going and may try to think up some new content along the way.
So happy new year everyone, hope it’s a good one with lots of wins and trophies (especially for me) and improving scores all round. See you on the shooting line.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

2014 – 2015 Indoor season so far

This year we decided to give indoor competitions a go. We didn’t do it last year because we didn’t think we’d enjoy the and I was worried that I’d be too sweaty!

Our first Competition was  Killingworth Archers double Portsmouth.

killingworth 3

The view from the waiting line

Having not shot indoor competitions before we made a rookie mistake and signed up for the morning session, thus missing out on the chance of a lie in (Doh!). We’d been told by a “reliable source” within Killingworth that it was “always cold” in the sports hall and so sweatiness wouldn’t be an issue. On the day, however, it was ruddy roasting in there (someone had apparently turned the heating on for a change) so I was a bit sweaty but that didn’t stop us having a good time.

kilingworth 2


I got off to an unusually storming start hitting 3 golds and then 9,8,8 in sighters. Sadly (and true to form) it went downhill from there until the last 3 arrows when I managed 10,10,10, typical! I didn’t even beat my own PB but still had fun. Lou came second with a very respectable 564.

Next up was Green Lane Archers Bray 1 & 2. Having failed to learn from our mistake at Killingworth, we booked in for the morning session again denying ourselves a Sunday lie-in!

Green lane 3

The calm before the storm!

I’d never shot a Bray round before as there’s not many competitions that use them. They are 2 and 1/2 dozen rounds shot at 20 and 25 yards on different target faces (40 and 60 cm). The good thing about this was that it meant whatever we shot it’d be a PB.

Green lane 1

Green lane 2

We shot the Bray 2 first and I managed to get 253 which I was quite happy with and then the Bray 1 which I found a bit harder only managing to get 223, but like I said both new PBs. Lou again came second with a combined score of 515 (250 on the Bray 1 and 265 on the Bray 2). Again, another lovely shoot and a fun day out.

The third shoot was the NCAS combined FITA hosted by Whitburn Archers. This was a world record status shoot and attracted archers from all over (including a strong contingent from Edinburgh University Archery Club). As we had never shot either of the rounds PBs were again assured. (Also Lou found out that there was bling to be had in the form of the FITA Target Awards.


Round White Black Blue Red Gold Purple
FITA 70m 500 550 600 650 675 700
Half FITA 500 550 600 650 675 700
FITA 900 750 800 830 860 875 890
25m Indoor 500 525 550 575 585 595
18m Indoor 500 525 550 575 585 595
FITA 50m Compound 500 550 600 650 675 700

whitburn 5

 From the waiting line

I did quite well given it was the first time I’d shot on 3 spot faces in a competition. (Handy hint: if you’re going to be shooting at 3 spots then get some practice in as it’s quite a different experience to single spot faces). I shot 468 at 25m and 448 at 18m so no bling but a good PB to work on.

Whitburn 4

Lou got at 522 at 25m and 509 at 18m securing 2 new badges (not jealous, not jealous) and came second overall (again) being beaten by the same person for the third tournament running (we’re not naming names but she might be in these photos somewhere!!).

Whitburn 1

So, after shooting 3 competitions indoors, what do we think? well. it is quite hot (I should just loose some weight really, it’d help with that) but it’s also just as much fun as shooting outdoor competitions, all the usual crowd are there, and there’s loads of new people to meet (because some people only shoot at indoor competitions). And, of course, there’s the excitement of the raffle (the only thing I’m likely to win). So get out there and try one out for yourself, if it’s in the Northeast, we’ll probably be there so come and say hi (I’ll be the fat bald bloke sweating like a pig and looking furious as I do something daft and miss the target again).

As ever, thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and judges without whom we couldn’t shoot and who make the day go smoothly and make sure we all have fun.

Norton Archers and the 2014 ontarget Competition


Archery GB runs ontarget as a  club development programme. The idea behind it is that it will enable Archery GB  to offer structure and vision for club development and where ontarget will become a vital tool for archery to enhance clubs at a grass root level.

Part of the programme is a club competition aimed at encouraging competition and enabling clubs to meet teams from around the country. It is a knockout team competition where clubs host or travel to a match. Clubs are initially drawn with others from their Counties or Regions to minimise travel. Each team consists of 4 archers; 2 recurve archers and 2 compound archers.  The team must be of mixed gender and archers should be 14 years old or older.

Matches are around 2 hours long and will consist of 3 rounds of 2 dozen arrows at 50m on an 80cm face, with archers shooting ends of 6 arrows. Each round sees the team shoot as Team, a Pair and finally as an Individual against the other team.

Last year Norton Archers took part in the inaugural final and lost to Deer Park archers.

This year we had a bye into round 2 as Redcar Archers forfeited.

In round 2 we faced St. Giles Archers from Durham and won 13-8 only losing 1 match (you know who you are).

A bye in round 3 (Gentlemen and Lady Archers of Darlington forfeited) saw us through into the quarter finals against Bowmen of Pendle and Samlesbury.


The shooting line


Lou, Sharon, George & Simon on the long walk back.

It was a hugely windy day so our team did really well to win 13-8 again, only losing 1 match up in the individual rounds (same person AGAIN!!). And so it was off to Lilleshall for the semi finals.

Norton Archers and Bowmen of Pendle and Samlesbury


Semi finalists.

So, after a long (and ridiculously foggy) drive down we arrived at Lilleshall, parked in the wrong car park and walked through what looked like Hogwarts to get to the venue.


Lilleshall in the fog


And without the fog!

In the first semi final Oxford Archers beat Belvoir Archers  14-7 to get through to the final. Next up we faced Cleve Archers. Despite Cleve having a national series finalist in their ranks, Norton managed to win by 1 point (11-10) to go through to their second final in 2 years.


 Norton vs Cleve Archers




And so to the final. We were facing a formidable line-up from Oxford Archers;

David Timmins (Gents Recurve for Oxford Archers): 3rd in the 2014 National Target Rankings
Antje Frotscher (Ladies Recurve for Oxford Archers): 14th in the 2014 National Target Rankings
Nichola Simpson (Ladies Compound for Oxford Archers): 7th in the 2014 National Target Rankings, 4th in the 2008 World Rankings… and that small matter of being Team Gold Medallist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games!

And this was reflected in the result, Oxford won every round against (a very tired) team from Norton to win the final 14-7.


Norton vs Oxford Archers


George in action



Sharon in action


Simon in action


Lou in action


Malcolm, inaction


Runners up


2014 Ontarget champions Oxford Archers

So a great experience for all involved, hopefully the competition will continue to grow year on year giving more clubs the chance to shoot against teams they might not normally meet and have some fun at the same time.

Well done to Arran Coggan and his team for organising the competition and the final.

Norton archers field shoot

So… field archery, this is quite a confusing concept. I mean, unless you’re indoors, you’re always stood in a field. Other archers explained that is actually archery in woods (not a field) shooting at targets (either proper targets or animal shaped targets) at various distances. Also in the first round the distances aren’t marked.


Us with an owl target.

I want sure about it at first but then someone said that there would be bacon butties and a barbecue lunch so I was persuaded.
And I’m glad I did, we absolutely loved it! In hindsight, it might have been an idea to shoot barebow as all the bits (longrod, side bars, sight) got in the way. There’s loads of walking and watching your footing is important as badgers tend to dig holes in inconsiderate places, but it’s FUN, FUN, FUN.
Best target had to be the flying owl


Flying owl

Which involved everyone, even Mike, going up a (very strong) ladder in the canopy


That’s a really strong platform.

And shooting at a moving owl, brilliant (even though we missed).
So a HUGE thank you to all the folks at Stonebow field archers and to Paul at Norton for organising it. We will definitely do it again.

Upcoming tournaments October, November & December


Saturday October 11th. Chantry Bowmen Great Western. Phoenix Sports & Social Club, Brinsworth Rotherham. A two-way Great Western for longbow shooters – 5 dozen at 60 yards, 5 dozen at 50 yards. Assembly 10.30. Entry forms are available here.

Saturday October 11th. York Archers Society Senior & Junior October Clout Tournament. Hopgrove playing Fields, Malton Road, York. Tassel award status double one-way GNAS clout. Sighters 11am. Entry forms are available here.

Sunday October 12th. Green Man 3rd Yorkshire Pudding Shoot. Hooton Lodge, Hooton Roberts, Rotherham. Western Rounds with the option of a filled Yorkshire pudding for lunch. Sighters at 10.30. Entry forms are available here.

Saturday October 18th. National Clout Championships 2014 hosted by Bronte Archers. Rawden Meadows, Appleby Bridge, Bradford. UK Record and Tassel Status Archery GB Double one-way Clout. Registration from 09.30. Entry forms are available here.

Saturday October 25th. Selby Archery Club 4th indoor tournament. Sandy Lane, Selby. A seeded Vegas style shoot-down round including head-to-head. Limited to 20 archers. Entry forms are available here.

Sunday October 26th. CCAA Alf Davies Memrial FITA 18m. Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith. World record status FITA 18m and head-to-head. recurves and compounds will shoot on 3 spot faces, longbows on 40cm faces. Practice 09.45. Entry forms are available here.

Saturday October 25th & Sunday October 26th. DVAC Combined FITA field 7 YAA Field Championships 2014. Savin Royd Wood, Haigh Village nr. Wooley. Combined Arrowhead & record status FITA Field round. Unmarked FITA 24 on Saturday, Marked FITA 24 on Sunday. Equipment inspection from 09.00 on Saturday. assembly 09.15 on Sunday. Entry forms are available here.

Friday 31st October. Whitburn Archers ‘spooky shoot.’


Sunday November 2nd. Killingworth Indoor Open. Churchill Community College, Wallsend. Portsmouth Round. Recurve and longbows shooting on 60cm faces, compounds on triple spot targets. Morning session 09.30, afternoon session 13.00. Entry forms available here.

Sunday November 2nd. Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes Indoor Tournament. Bridlington Sports Centre, Bridlington. Portsmouth rounds. Sighters 09.45 and 14.00. Entry forms are available here.

Sunday November 16th. Green Lane Bray 1 and 2. Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre, Newbiggin by the Sea. Non record status Bray 1 & 2 rounds. Assembly 09.45 and 13.45. Entry forms are available here.

Sunday November 16th. NCAS Indoor Portsmouth Tournament. Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith. UK record status Portsmouth Tournament. Sighters 09.45 & 13.30. Entry forms are available here.

Sunday November 23rd. NCAS Combined FITA hosted by Whitburn Archers. Temple Park Centre, South Shields. World Record Status for the FITA 25m and FITA 18m rounds, plus National Record Status for the FITA 25m, FITA 18m and Combined FITA rounds. Assembly 09.15. Entry form available here.

Sunday November 30th. Cantry Bowmen D&DAA Indoor Chamionships. Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park, Sheffield.  Double portsmouth Rounds. Sighters 09.30 and 13.30. Entry form available here.

Sunday November 30th. Cumbria World Record Status Combined FITA. Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith. World record status Combined FITA. Sighters 09.45. Entry form available here.

Sunday December 7th. Durham City Archers Indoor FITA.

Sunday December 14th. Cleadon Archers Indoor FITA. Non record status FITA 25m rounds. Bolden Community Centre, Bolden Colliery. Sighters 10.00 and 13.15. Limited numbers. Entry forms available here.

More tournament catch up stuff

Killingworth open
In the spirit of “it’s only a competition, it’ll be fun, we’re only shooting against ourselves” and with a renewed determination to keep shooting through the bad patch we went to Killingworth.

Only one word is necessary WINDY! Hurricane whatsisface was making its presence felt, you were having to aim at the target to the left of your own just to get on the boss, it was mad, but we persevered and finished, no record scores but we did it :-).

Amazingly I also managed to win some bling, a shield and a medal for the best second class score (I suspect I may have been the only one who put down on the entry form that I was second class but who cares).

Kilingworth double FITAS
l decided that, given I was struggling to hit the boss never mind the target at proper bloke’s distances, I would shoot a double ladies FITA to see if l could beat my own County record that I set at the same competition last year.

0n the Saturday l shot like a man possessed and managed to get a really good score, although not enough to beat the County record for a bloke shooting a single ladies FITA. On Sunday I didn’t shoot as well but still managed to beat my own record. I also found myself getting really, really annoyed with myself for not scoring as well as I had on Saturday, despite the fact that it was loads More than l usually score!!
I’ve spoken to other archers about this and apparently it’s quite common to expect to suddenly get loads better on the back of one good result. The only thing this makes me think is that archers are all a bit bonkers!! All in all it was a great weekend & I was over the moon with my score, beating my previous PB by over 400 points.

I would like to thank all the ladies I shot with for being so supportive, it really helped me get some confidence back and made a good shoot into a really enjoyable one.
Sadly, Lou’s poor run of form continued but a fix was on its way courtesy of our mate John & the wonderful Mr. Kirkup from Merlin Archery Co, Durham.

Teesside Championships at Heugh


Team Norton at the Teesside Championships

Well done to Heugh who stepped in at the last minute to save this competition, thanks to Jim, Ian and everyone involved at Heugh it was another success. Also, it is worth saying that loads of archers say that the weather is always terrible at Heugh – howling gales and pouring rain, but I would like to say I’ve shot 3 competitions there over the last 2 years (as well as shooting on a few Saturdays there to get some extra practice in) and it’s never been anything but sunny with an occasional breeze. Hurrah for global warming!!

I shot well and managed a new PB AND a medal for handicap score. Lou started to see an improvement after the changes Alan at Merlin made (new points & shorter draw length) and came second but just missed out on her third bowman score (although she got it the next week at a club shoot so well done to her).

Tyne Tees Championships At Norton

This was the first competiton where we helped to set up the field, and I was surprised how much maths was involved! Also how much walking.
It was a lovely day and Tees had a good result winning the team rounds in every category. Lou came a respectable second and was quite happy (especially after 80 yards when she started beating me!) I did surprisingly well at 80 but then had my usual nightmare at 60 and 50 and managed to scrape in 11th place (but not last so that’s progress).

Yorkshire Pudding shoot at Greenman Archers

The last outdoor open shoot of the season (Lou is still involved in the on target competition, but more on that in another post). We drove down the A1 to Doncaster in thick fog (which immediately cleared once we left the A1) but which came and went all morning.



It was an enjoyable shoot, with the added bonus of an ENORMOUS filled Yorkshire pudding for lunch. Mike started reasonably well even getting a couple of golds during sighters, however, he soon went rapidly downhill and ended up finishing 17th (but not last again) and which saw Lou win ANOTHER medal for third place.


A special mention must go to George McMillan from Norton Archers who managed to set a new county record (to be ratified) by shooting a perfect round of 96 golds scoring 864.

So that’s it for the outdoor season now it’s the long wait for April. I think we’ll be doing a few indoor competitions this year so I’ll post about them as we do them (if anyone is still reading this guff by then).

It’s been a year of ups and downs; Lou got her bowman badge, 2 roses and 2 EAF crosses and I got second class and bugger all else but at least we’re making progress. Thanks again to all the organisers, field parties, judges and other competitors for making it a great season (despite the occasional strops), see you indoors and roll on April.

Breaking news: Archery GB released the Target Archery National rankings 2014 (find the full list  here) and Lou came 79th. )Mike didn’t get a ranking as his various strops stopped him completing enough FITA rounds).